Imperial Chi
is the new and improved Emperor's Ch'i

Imperial Chi (formerly Emperor's Ch'i) contains the highest-quality ingredients known in Oriental herbal science.  Imperial Chi (or Ch'i or Qi) is a unique and powerful concentrate of imperial herbs based upon key knowledge of Chinese herbalists and phytopharmaceutical scientists.

One may nourish and energize their complete system.  Virtually every aspect of a person's energy system -- be it genetic, sexual, emotional, psychic, physical, or intellectual -- is supplemented by consuming Imperial Chi on a daily basis.  Digestive functions as well as the cardiovascular, immune, endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems can also be nurtured by this remarkable dietary supplement.

Enjoy Imperial Chi hot or cold in your favorite beverage, or drink it undiluted to feel its full effect.  Since it is highly concentrated, we suggest adding two tablespoons with up to one cup of Vitasalus filtered water.  An alternative to traditional tea drinks.  Nourish your body with the riches of nature and Chinese herbalism. 

The Vitasalus (formerly Equinox Products) new and improved Imperial Chi (shown above), with four times the original herbal content and potency, replaces the original Emperor's Ch'i (shown below)
Imperial Chi (formerly Emperor's Ch'i) (32-oz black bottle)
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New and improved with over four times (4X) the original herbal content and potency.
The ancient wisdom of Chinese Herbalism is now yours!  Imperial Chi (or Ch'i or Qi) is known in Chinese philosophy as one's essence, life force, or human spirit.  The Chinese believe Ch'i is essential in maintaining physical, environmental, and emotional balance. With that belief, they have used herbs for thousands of years which they feel contain an abundance of Ch'i.  These rare and exotic herbs--called imperial herbs--were used traditionally by emperors and their royal courts.  Founded upon the key knowledge of some of the world's leading Chinese herbalists and phytopharmaceutical scientists, Imperial Chi can be enjoyed in cold or hot drinks.


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