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Product Testimonials
Since their introduction to the world market, the products Vitasalus (formerly Equinox Products) offers have blessed the lives of countless individuals from all walks of life.  More and more people every day are using and greatly benefiting from these innovative, high quality, environmentally friendly, and life-enhancing products.  The legend of these amazing products is growing and many of us have success stories to share which may help many others.

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We invite you to share any of your product success stories/testimonials by emailing us at info @ vitasalus dot com or via our Contact Us form.  Your customer testimonials are very much appreciated and will be displayed on the respective product pages to help individuals around the world.

Thank you in advance for your time, effort and feedback!  God bless!!

Sampling of our Customer Testimonials/Product Success Stories

"Thank You for following through on the shipment ... the Pure Master V-700 arrived last Friday. The PureMaster V-700 was installed this week and I can tell you that I'm finally enjoying good water to drink from my sink!"
Lori E., Apollo Beach, Florida (FL)

We have lived in a very rural setting for the last 15 years.  Our spring, which is very productive, has always been unusable for drinking or cooking due to poor taste caused by brine and other byproducts of oil and gas wells adjacent the property.  I had been hauling gallon jugs of water from my workplace for all these years.  Then we bought the incredibly affordable PureMaster V-750 whole house filtering system.  At a fraction of the cost of a reverse osmosis system, this unit has transformed this horrible water into good tasting water that can be accessed from our tap.  We can't tell you how pleased and amazed we are at the transformation that has occurred as a result of the installing of this extremely affordable and effective system!
Kyle D., Malta, Ohio

We purchased the home POE water filtration system [Premium Whole House Water Filtration system] in 2006.  We have two kids with allergies.  Both used to have coughing spells, skin rashes until we installed the system and decreased the chlorine level. They have not had those symptoms since.  We highly recommend the system.
But it is not only the system that we have enjoyed.  It is the service as well.  This is how a company and business should be run.  Impeccable service, knowledgeable salespeople and passionate about what they are selling.  Such a pleasure to deal with them.
Thank you for the experience.  Simply the best.
Dr. Elias A., M.D.  from Virgina Beach, VA

RE: water testing
Hello All,
I just wanted to forward you our water test.  We started out at 580 ppb of arsenic in our water and now it is less than 5 ppb, or undetectable.  The Arsenic Master has exceeded our expectations and for a fraction of the cost of companies like Culligan, great product and great job! ...
Thank you,
Adam N., Maine

RE:  ArsenicMaster System
Dear sirs,
I wanted to take a minute and fill you in on the results we got from installing our ArsenicMaster Water Treatment System.
We live in New Hampshire and we have a lot of granite around us.  Consequently we have high metal content in our water.  Metals such as manganese, arsenic, and uranium.  Here are some of the numbers before the install.
Manganese - .055 mg/L or parts per billion.  
<Now its not detectable.>
Arsenic - .1476 mg/L or parts per billion.   <Now with a daily flush we are down to .004 mg/L.>
Uranium - 2.20 ug/L  <Now its not detectable.>
Iron - .073 mg/L or parts per billion.  <Now its not detectable.>
Radon - 8100 pCi/L   <Now its down to 5100.>
It Works !!!!
We shopped around a lot and we didn't want to lose our water volume.  Reverse osmosis wouldn't treat the whole house.  Other systems would cut our water flow in half.  We took a big risk in trusting this company. Now we are very pleased at our results.  It was worth it.  I would recommend this product to anyone that has the metal content the we had.  The technical support has been fabulous with John.  John has been helpful all the way through this process.  We are pleased with our ArsenicMaster System.  It was definitely worth the money.
Doug C., New Hampshire

A year ago I bought property and had a well dug.  The water was not good quality.  It was brown/orange, tasted bad and caused rust stains in all the sinks, shower and it even ruined some of my clothes.  It took your MetalMaster along with two different additional cartridge filters to get the water I wanted, but so far it's been worth every penny!  I've only had it in place for a week, but I can't believe the change in my water quality.  Thanks to you and especially your Tech Team for providing such helpful information on what I needed.  You guys rock! -- Don H., Danville, VA

John,  We have installed our MetalMaster filtration system, and it is wonderful.  We can drink the water out of the tap. It has made such a difference and it has only been in 4 days.  There are two guys that work with Bill at the State and they are very interested in them.  We have told just about everyone that we have seen about them.  I have given them your web site address.  I still can not find the site for the MetalMaster.  Can you e-mail that to me? I will then print it out and use as a reference.  I thank you for steering us to this system.  We really appreciate it. You may use this as a testimonial if you would like.
Best Regards and peace to you and yours this holiday season.
-- Marilyn D.

Just wanted to say thanks!  I've used the EQ-40 Shower Water Filter System for 1 week, and am very pleased.  Our city had bad water and now we have a plant that made it safe or so they say but the chlorine is is high and it's really harmful on skin, hair and breathing it.  I noticed a difference the first time I used it, I have long hair and it was really hard to comb it even though I use conditioner.  I use less conditioner now and no lotion on my skin since I started using the filter.  My hair was brittle and in one week is not any more, the broken hair that was on my bath rug is no longer there, no dry skin at all.  I even fill a  container and use it in my coffee pot, I was using a filter in my frig.  Kenmore pure water and my coffee would have a film after sitting but if I use water from your filter it's clear.  It's hands down the best money I've spent on anything in a long time, it's made a big difference.  Amazing!  Thanks so much!  I've already recommended it to friends and family.
Dora S., NE

I've been taking Ultramarine Shark Liver Oil gelcaps daily since 1995 and have not been sick since. I take Ultramarine Shark Liver Oil gelcaps to keep my immune system up and I do believe it's been working for me. I'm now 67 years old and I feel very healthy.  My doctor told me just the other day that I look so much younger than my age, and that's another good reason to keep taking the Ultramarine Shark Liver Oil gelcaps. -- June S., CA

To the Owners:
I've been trying to locate Equinox Internatonal for 10 years.  I became acquainted with Equinox products in 1996 and I couldn't settle for just any Equinox.  It had to be THIS Equinox.  I don't know where you went, but I am relieved to see that you're back.  Your EQ-10 Countertop Water Filtration System is the best in the market.  I haven't had one that compared to it.
Take care and God bless.
-- Tricia E.

After trying and failing with many other weight loss products, I was truly amazed when I lost 22 pounds after only 5 weeks of using the Rapid Burn, NightTime, and Protein Plus ChromeMate weight loss products.  -- Dr. Bishai, FL

I've been using Male Ching for the past two years and its been a life saver for me in the bedroom.  Before using Male Ching I had trouble with performing and stamina, now its not a problem. Thanks a million!  -- Dave K., NY

My friend introduced me to the Liquid Mineral Complex about a year ago and I was amazed at how much more healthier and more energy I feel since using this product.  I don't go a day without it now and I even give it to my pets.  The Liquid Mineral Complex is a wonderful product!  -- Betty D., IL

At 71 years of age, I was used to not feeling well every few months.  Since using the Ultramarine Shark Liver Oil gelcaps on a daily basis, I am very pleased to say that I rarely experience not feeling well anymore.  Thank you for making this product available!!  -- Irene H., AZ

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